Interfaces for Foreign Systems & Medical Devices

Accommodating Foreign Systems and incorporating new Medical Devices

Interfaces for Foreign Systems & Medical Devices

Medical Device Interfaces (MDI)

We have more than a decade of experience in building, designing, and managing MDI projects—with both technical and clinical perspectives.  In today’s healthcare environment medical device integration is no longer optional, it’s a requirement. Leverage S&P’s experience, let us help with the configuration, testing, troubleshooting and training of your MDI’s!

Foreign System Interfaces (FSI)

We can provide HNA Millennium Foreign System Interfaces (FSI) services to augment your staff or provide expert consulting services to help build, implement or answer questions regarding these interfaces.

With both technical and clinical experience in Cerner Millennium, we can build out all of the required interfaces to handle both inbound and outbound data exchange. Leveraging Cerner’s integrated Open Engine solution, S&P can implement any of the standard interfaces required and we have extensive experience in developing custom integration solutions.



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