Upgrade Services

Embedded in our upgrade methodology is a solution known as Optimum, S&P’s answer to unstable, mis-configured and/or underperforming systems. Opportunities for performance improvement are identified by our experienced engineers and application consultants.

Upgrade Services

Deciding when to adopt the latest versions of today’s HIS applications can be a daunting challenge.  At S&P, we can objectively help you assess the risks, benefits and costs of system and application upgrades.  Our practical, vendor-neutral perspective gives your organization valuable unbiased insights to make great decisions—backed by the expertise and bench strength (Tech PMs, Systems Engineers, DBAs, CCLs, FSIs, etc.) to execute on those decisions.

With S&P on your side, you’re assured of:

The Right Process

Best-practice methodologies that have been vetted in the real world—proven, effective, and efficient.

The Right Experience

Our consultants have hands-on experience with today’s HIS applications (many as former employees of those vendors)—including specialized expertise for areas such as anesthesia, the emergency department and blood banks.The Right Technology

The Right Technology

Not only are we conversant in the major HIS applications, we have deep experience in middleware technologies (e.g. Oracle, Softek, etc.) and devices of all kinds.

The Right Outcome

We never lose sight of the goal—a stable, reliable, trouble-free HIS that your organization can maintain and support and that enables every user to perform at their optimal capacity.

Supplemental Systems Engineers, DBAs, and Project Managers

Our roster of highly experienced System Engineers, DBAs and Technical Project Managers can help accelerate (or even rescue) languishing projects and initiatives.

They can help facilitate everything from basic production support and troubleshooting to full HIS system upgrades.

 System Upgrades

Our System Engineers are qualified to facilitate all pre-requisite and requisite components of an upgrade, complete with the training, vendor-certification and experience required to ensure your upgrade is executed efficiently, using the best practices of your vendor(s) and other related technologies.

Alongside vendor upgrades, S&P is proud to offer our own solutions that address specific shortcomings of vendor solutions (e.g. unstable, misconfigured and/or underperforming systems.)

Opportunities to improve upon out-of-the-box upgrades are identified by our experienced engineers and application consultants leveraging tools, such as Softek OnTrack Audits, in addition to our decades of experience working with vendors at the code, operating systems and configuration levels—including client and remote hosted systems.

Are you interested in upgrading to a higher-level of performance with your current HIT vendor?


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