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Our InTegrity consulting methodology ensures that you bind strategy to execution at every step of your project. Flexibility and foresight are in S&P’s DNA. See how this kind of approach can secure the success of your Cerner implementation.

S&P InTegrity<sup>SM</sup>

Failed implementations can usually be traced to an inability to bind the project’s strategy to the agile execution required for day-to-day implementation under real-world conditions.

To address this widespread industry shortfall, S&P Consultants developed InTegrity, the DNA of a successful HIT project. InTegrity serves as the blueprint that binds strategy to execution at all phases of an implementation—right from conception.

InTegrity provides strategic executional know-how drawn from 20 years’ experience in helping clients encode their strategic objectives into successful HIT initiatives.  InTegrity has been specifically designed to complement the implementation framework of HIS vendors and translate that approach in a manner that proactively adapts to localized variables. Like DNA, InTegrity provides the know-how and actions at the critical moments of the implementation life-cycle to allow a project to flourish. We transcribe real-world insights, processes, and controls to provide for an agile solution to address your project’s specific complexities and risks.

InTegrity serves as an objective, experienced force during the entire implementation process; providing a solid blueprint and criteria for success during vendor selection, contract negotiation, and readiness assessment. Then, during every subsequent step of the implementation, InTegrity coordinates, adapts, and securely binds the elements of the vendor’s framework to your ultimate vision.

InTegrity delivers maximized return on investment while ensuring the success of an implementation. InTegrity serves to uncover, adapt, and remedy potential gaps in vision, alignment, readiness, staffing, infrastructure, training, and other areas that have been known to impede—or sometimes completely interrupt—a successful implementation.

With a 20-year reputation for doing the right thing, and facilitating realistic interactions among all parties in HIS implementations, S&P Consultants can help make certain that your implementation begins with a solid genetic roadmap and dynamically adapts to meet the needs of your organization every step of the way.


Bringing InTegrity to HIT Initiatives

See how our approach can secure the success of your next implementation.

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