Appraise – “Phase Zero” Design and Development

Preparation is more than half the battle

One of the recurring challenges we see with new clients is insufficient dedication to initial project scoping. Virtually all major—and even some “minor”—HIT projects have complex dependencies that involve in-house IT resources, time and budget realities, essential inputs from other busy departments, and the vagaries of third-party vendors and consultants.

S&P clients benefit from our unique InTegrity™ blueprint for implementations—which draws on decades of real-world experience to provide a comprehensive framework for success that encompasses organizational, vendor and consultant responsibilities.

During what we call “Phase Zero” of the InTegrity framework, we’ll focus on:

  • An accurate assessment of organizational readiness including robust participation of
    clinical, administrative/financial, and IT stakeholders
  • Candid and comprehensive communications with leadership, ensuring that everyone understands—and agrees to—the full extent of time/investment/resources required to bring a project to fruition
  • Careful negotiations and meticulous documentation with vendors to fully (and honestly) define mutual expectations, deliverables, and contingencies
  • Smart (advanced) preparation for your organization’s future-state needs, ensuring that the IT investments you make today will support tomorrow’s plans and strategies

We carefully pry-apart both vendor and HIT assumptions to ensure alignment.

We drill-down into upcoming implementation processes to make sure that hidden dependencies are accounted for before a project begins.

We look to confirm that proper governance structures are in-place.

We uncover and “surface” clinical activities that may be impacted by an implementation, making sure that workflows are well thought-out and clearly communicated across the organization.

All of this occurs in an atmosphere of utmost candor and clarity, based on our experience with clients who prefer to hear “hard truths” in advance instead of confused apologies down the road


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