COVID-19 Assistance for Hospitals, Labs, and Physician Networks on Cerner Platforms

S&P Consultants delivers automation assistance to help stressed organizations maximize the effectiveness of time, staff, and budgets

For clinicians, labs, and administrators bracing for another wave of COVID‐19 patients, optimizing and automating Cerner’s clinical and revenue systems provides much‐needed relief.

As organizations examine—and continually refine—strategies for accommodating unprecedented demand, S&P Consultants has been helping many hospitals, labs, and other healthcare providers take some of the administrative burden off of frontline clinicians and lab techs—while ensuring that critical revenue streams are preserved in the face of heavy volumes and increasing demands for faster response.

One specific engagement that is addressing the most urgent need is the S&P’s Rapid COVID-19 Test Integration Services.

Our consultants help your clinical, lab, IT, and revenue teams quickly optimize your Oracle Cerner systems achieve maximum automation in the areas of registration, order, and results turnaround. For many organizations this is an urgent matter of ensuring compliance with state and local regulations regarding the reporting around COVID-­‐19, while others are seeking ways to optimize the effort of short-­‐handed staffing during the pandemic.

For labs using Oracle Cerner PathNet, we can help automate the inclusion of demographic and order information to achieve near real-­‐time reporting and workflow documentation to keep pace with faster specimen processing demands.

Additional COVID-19-related Services

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