Step Up – Upgrade Analysis/Planning/Execution

Make Upgrades with Maximum Confidence (And Minimal Disruption)

Could your LIS, EHR, and Revenue Cycle systems be doing more to help you manage under today’s over-stressed conditions? Take charge of your system—with full confidence in the end result—by engaging some proven 3rd-party assistance to objectively support the process.

Our team of system engineers, integration architects and application specialist will help you map out your current and future states, adopt new functionality, test integration and more.  We understand what it takes on a practical level to plan and execute a successful upgrade.  We approach the project with your priorities—your preferences, your workflows—in mind. And we know how to work with your solution vendors to make it happen. Leverage our decades of lessons learned from start to go-live!

Maintaining outdated systems can be frustrating and costly—consuming precious time and resources that could be freed-up with a modern system.  Contact us today to explore the upgrade options that work best for you.


Getting it Right

Getting it Right

The right process

Our S&P InTegrity℠ framework removes the guesswork involved with a major upgrade. This client-centric project plan helps catch gaps early on, supports buy-in across your organization, and makes the most of everyone’s time and skills.

The right experience

Laboratory, bedside, and ambulatory systems don’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why the S&P team dynamically draws from a full range of talent. We have on-staff nurses and physicians, lab techs, RevCycle experts, and Oracle Cerner coders with decades of experience—all available to step in, as needed, on any project to provide deep expertise at critical moments.

The right technology

Our knowledgeable team have deep experience in middleware technologies (e.g. Oracle, AIX, Linux, etc.), devices of all kinds to support EHR and LIS system upgrades.

The right outcome

We never lose sight of your goal—a stable and reliable system that supports clinical and revenue goals with sensible automation that helps you get more done with fewer resources and time.

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