Coordinate – Combining Medical Organizations

Making IT all work… together

So many of today’s healthcare organizations are in the throes of mergers, consolidations, network expansions or new partnerships that require HIT systems to quickly begin behaving as a single entity.

One of the first hurdles to clear is ensuring that executive leadership has a clear picture of what is involved in combining the organizations’ IT infrastructures and solutions. A common mistake is under-preparing—either from a time or budgetary standpoint.

Ensuring that your revenue stream is impacted as little as possible due to complications in merger/migration is, of course, a top priority. Will EHR errors result in billing lapses? Reimbursement issues? We have proven experience in anticipating and providing for a controlled and comprehensive change process when millions of dollars
are at stake.

How does a merger affect your long-term roadmap—not only from an IT perspective—but as it will affect your ability to deliver clinical quality, patient satisfaction, and bottom-line results in the future? We can show you the implications of various options.

The S&P team will help your entire organization “level set” so that you are set up for success, armed with a sound plan that takes each granular detail into account.

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