Evaluate – Cost/Benefit Analysis for HIS Investments

Deciding how much to invest in your HIT solutions—along with when and where to invest it—is no easy task, especially when your expertise is not in IT.

Evaluate – Cost/Benefit Analysis for HIS Investments

As objective, vendor-neutral, consultants, the S&P team is primed to offer smart counsel—based on decades of experience at hundreds of organizations.

The “Phase Zero” part of our popular InTegritySM framework aims to keep vendors “honest” about what it will take to implement their solution, while at the same time helping clients fully understand the real costs (in time too) to execute a successful initiative.

Our advice is truly value-driven, objective, and grounded in deep experience.

With seasoned healthcare leaders and working clinicians on our staff—in addition to our tech experts—contextualizing HIT investments (in terms of financial, strategic, and future-growth benefits) is second-nature to our team.

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