Discern – Selecting EHR/Patient Accounting Solutions

Choosing the right solution—for today and the future

Few decisions will impact both your day-to-day operations—and your ability to achieve the bottom-line results you seek—like your choice of EHR and Patient Accounting solutions.

Ensuring that your solutions serve all stakeholders—clinical, administrative, and IT—and that they are appropriately matched to current and future needs can be a complex matter. We help outline a choice of options for you, with clear analyses that outline the pros and cons of each—based on your specific circumstances.

Information in trade publications is often too vague and the story you get from vendors lacks objectivity by its very nature. We help bridge the gap between vendor promises and proven realities.

S&P draws on hundreds of successfully completed projects—some which are likely to have been at organizations that compare to yours. We connect you with peers who have been in similar situations to hear precisely what you can expect in working with the S&P team.

We deliver a deep understanding of what these solutions can truly deliver, including how they can be adapted and customized by S&P Consultants who often know the code and capabilities of these solutions better than the vendors themselves. We have been known to achieve what vendors deemed “impossible,” in adapting out-of-the-box solutions.


Mosaic Life Care and S&P Consultants Complete a Full EMR/Patient Accounting Merger in Just 97 (Intense) Days

Watch the Mosaic Life Care team discuss the fast-track project and their experience working with the S&P team to get the job done.

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