Enhance Your Billing, Regulatory and Quality Metrics Capture

There is a wealth of valuable data to be found within your EHR and Patient Accounting solutions—and significant opportunities for improving revenue performance as well.

S&P is helping organizations tap millions in new revenue by implementing a successful Clinically-driven Revenue Cycle (CDRC.)

Of course, the secret to successful CDRC projects lies outside the scope of technology—in the realm of “human factors” and organizational alignment.

Helping clinicians engage with the IT organization to coordinate workflows and activities, sharing an understanding of the “whys” of necessary activities and changes, and aligning disparate constituencies behind a mission of improvement is a particular strength of the S&P team.

We help coordinate inputs and efforts among stakeholders to execute a successful program. We understand the complex intersections that can confound the smooth journey from service provision to billing and payment. We help align both your IT systems—and your workflows—to give you the best possible chances of success.

In addition to revenue opportunities, S&P can help you unlock data for use in tracking quality of care, outcomes, and patient satisfaction as well.

Whitepaper: Reporting for MIPS/APM and PCMH: How Streamlined Reporting Options Can Help Increase Your Practice’s ROI

Dr. Michael Augustyniak, Chief Medical Information Officer at S&P Consultants, examples why (and how) you must do more with your EHR to meet MIPS/APM/PCMH goals—and improve ROI.

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