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The relationship between clinicians and an organization’s IT systems is often a tricky space to navigate. The good news is—armed with the right approach—it is possible to meet organizational goals and help doctors, nurses, and technicians do their jobs more efficiently. At S&P, sensitivity to the realities faced by busy clinicians is built into every project.

That’s because physicians, nurses, lab techs, and other practicing clinicians are an integral part of our firm. We understand workflows, ED, OR, and primary care environments—the unique needs of specialists in their notes and systems. We use this real-world experience and insight to inform our processes and help our clients gain the trust, cooperation, and adoption they need to succeed.

We help you…

Strategize a future state for clinical support
If you are looking to improve health outcomes and operational efficiency through the meaningful use of HIT, S&P can help.
Learn more about clinical technology roadmap

Optimize your clinical solutions and workflows
At S&P, we strongly believe that IT exists to support clinical workflows—and that making life easier for caregivers should drive most HIT decisions.
Learn more about clinical solutions and workflows

Implement new strategies and solutions
Imagine an EHR built by clinicians and customized to your exact specifications. Building on solutions like Cerner Millennium, the experts at S&P stand ready to design, build, and implement a solution for your organization.
Learn more about new solutions and technologies

Improve clinician adoption
Even if you build the perfect EHR solution, if your clinicians won’t use it (or don’t make full use of its features) your initiative will fall short. And with factors like MU3 and incentives hanging in the balance, the stakes are higher than ever.
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Standardize workflows for maximum efficiency
The team at S&P can help you plan, position, and “sell” standardization initiatives aimed at aligning disparate organizations and streamlining your maintenance, billing, and training tasks.
Learn more about clinical HIS design and workflows

Enhance your ability to support multiple organizational goals
Helping clinicians engage with the IT organization to coordinate workflows and activities, sharing an understanding of the “whys” of necessary activities and changes, and aligning disparate constituencies behind a mission of improvement is a particular strength of the S&P team.
Learn more about billing, regulatory, and quality metrics

What our clients are saying

The feedback from our clinicians and partners was overwhelmingly positive. There wasn't a single complaint...

VP Revenue for National Children’s Hospital

Could you be getting more from your nurse informaticist?

Could you be getting more from your nurse informaticist?

Learn how these Clinical/IT “translators” can have a measurable effect on the efficacy of your EHR & rev cycle initiatives.

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