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CIOs and their organizations occupy an unenviable position in today’s healthcare ecosystem. Expectations around how you can drive organizational change are high in areas such as improving care, improving patient satisfaction, and supporting revenue goals. But so many of the necessary components for the successful execution of HIT projects lie outside of your direct control. S&P understands—based on decades of experience with hundreds of HIT organizations—exactly what it takes to support IT leaders in supporting (and often leading) major change within their organizations.

We help you…

Survey all available options for addressing your needs
One of the more “high stakes” decisions a CIO will make is the selection of a HIT platform, point-solution (e.g. EHR or LIS) or long-term technology partner.
Learn more about vendor evaluation and selection

Appraise your organizational readiness for an implementation
S&P clients benefit from our unique InTegrity™ blueprint for implementations—which draws on decades of real-world experience to provide a comprehensive framework for success that encompasses organizational, vendor, and consultant responsibilities.
Learn more about “Phase Zero” design and development

Coordinate activities between organizations undergoing M&A
The S&P team will help ensure you are set up for success, armed with a sound plan that takes each granular detail into account.
Learn more about combining medical organizations

Align your HIS resources with vendor and consultant support
When it’s all you can do to keep up with the daily demands on your in-house team, it can be challenging to contemplate what it will take to successfully implement a major HIT project. We’re here to help.
Learn more about resource allocation and planning

Support clinically driven revenue initiatives
The S&P team helps you build the necessary credibility with all stakeholders to execute a successful program. We understand the complex intersections that can confound the smooth journey from service provision to billing and payment. We help align both your IT systems and your workflows to give you the best possible chances of success.
Learn more about CDRC management and deployment

Harmonize the merger and migration of disparate HIS systems
S&P Consultants bring a frank and objective perspective to the table—providing candid assessments of your in-house situation, the new entity’s situation, and the ability of your vendor(s) to contribute to a successful outcome. Having that neutral ally can be a powerful tool in negotiating—literally and figuratively—among the stakeholders looking to you for guidance.
Learn more about integration of medical organizations

Step up the process for upgrades and technology adoption
Could your LIS, EHR, and Revenue Cycle systems be doing more to help you manage under today’s over-stressed conditions? Take charge of your system—with full confidence in the end result—by engaging some proven 3rd-party assistance to objectively support the process.
Learn more about upgrade analysis, planning  & execution

What our clients are saying

Without the S&P team, there would have been a huge gap for us. Working with Cerner, they lifted the relationship to a different level.

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S&P Consultants Ranked “Best in KLAS” for Technical Services Topping Off Seven Consecutive Years of Top-tier Recognition

S&P Consultants Ranked “Best in KLAS” for Technical Services Topping Off Seven Consecutive Years of Top-tier Recognition

With the release of the 2022 Best in KLAS report, S&P Consultants marks its seventh year of being highly ranked by the prestigious peer-reviewed healthcare technology organization.

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