Implement Your New Solution/Technology

Imagine an EHR built by clinicians and customized to your exact specifications. Building on solutions like Cerner Millennium, the team at S&P—nearly a dozen of whom are doctors or nurses—stand ready to design, build, and implement a solution for your organization.

Whether you’re considering a total EHR migration, or only require a “one-off” point solution, the S&P team stands ready to help create a highly customized solution that perfectly fits your organization.

For hospitals where clinical areas are lagging or on disparate systems, we can help you consolidate onto a unified platform. Imagine seamless coordination between Registration/Scheduling, the OR, the pharmacy, and billing.

Beyond the “cookie cutter” model content recommendations found in vendor solutions, the S&P team works with you to develop workflows and interfaces that reflect the actual practices and preferences of even highly specialized clinicians. We recognize that clinicians aren’t coders—and that it’s unreasonable to expect a surgeon to come out of the OR and immediately select the 100s of micro-activities they just performed. At the same time, you want to efficiently capture every legitimate charge you can, to safeguard critical revenue.

We create workflows that can build-in processes, audits, and checks to minimize errors and oversights, and maximize success.

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