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Don't Tell the Boss

Of course, depending on the size of your organization any ONE of these tasks can be more than a full-time job. But, compared to others in the industry, it appears you have a moderate and well-defined group of responsibilities. As long as you're happy with your compensation and recognition, you're in great shape.

12-24 points
Just About Right

You're dealing with a lot, but for the most part, your days should be relatively manageable. You've got a variety of responsibilities to keep you busy, but you've probably got some capable teammates to help lighten the load. Just make sure "special projects" don't cut into what's already a pretty full schedule.

27-42 points
A Precarious Balance

Like a lot of today's organizations, you're probably running a little lean, in hopes of keeping costs under control. Of course, that means everyone has to take on some extra chores. This set-up can work... unless something unforeseen occurs to take people off their regular tasks. For those situations, you may want to consider "calling in the cavalry" before things get too far out of hand—or for special projects like upgrades or testing/validation.

45+ points

We hope your organization recognizes you for the magician you are! You're juggling a lot of responsibility - in areas where there's so much riding on a single person's performance. While you may not be 100% alone in the industry doing all you do, you're certainly a rare breed. Of course anyone operating at this level risks burnout, not to mention the danger of sometimes needing to make fast decisions or sub-optimal workarounds in order to keep up with so many responsibilities.

Help is available - for projects big and small

If you find that you're checking off more boxes than you'd prefer, why not look into getting some help. S&P Consultants has experienced and surprisingly affordable resources that can help you cope with everything from Systems Admin for Cerner-hosted systems - to helping you strategize for an upgrade to Cerner 2018. (Pro Tip: Better get your leadership to start focusing now if you hope to meet the 2020 deadline for ePrescribing.)

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