Consolidation timeline and readiness guide for IT leaders

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Consolidation timeline and readiness guide for IT leaders

You don’t have to go it alone! (The real benefits of an experienced perspective.)

For most IT leaders, overseeing a consolidation is a once- or twice-in-a-career prospect. For the S&P Consultants team, it’s an exercise we continually optimize and perfect. One benefit of having worked with so many different types of hospitals and healthcare networks is being able to see what works—and what pitfalls can easily be avoided with the right preparation and approach. Organizations of all types and sizes have turned to the S&P team to bring the best chances of success to their consolidation projects.

Our “people-centered” approach is honest, candid, and objective, helping all participants (IT teams, vendors, clinicians, revenue cycle managers, and C-suite leadership) understand the value and practical requirements of a smartly-executed strategy. We’re familiar with all the “moving parts,” and can help ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

Our KLAS-ranked team is happy to provide dozens of enthusiastic references for anyone who is preparing for a consolidation. As part of the NORDIC family of companies, we bring in-house expertise across every type of EHR, LIS, RevenueCycle, patient accounting, and patient access technology. Making these systems work together is our particular strength.

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