In support of our colleagues we are offering many services on a volunteer/donated basis to help healthcare IT organizations through this crisis.

In support of our colleagues we are offering many services on a volunteer/donated basis to help healthcare IT organizations through this crisis.

At a time when we are all called to band together to meet unprecedented demand on our healthcare and lab systems, the members of our S&P Consultants family have asked me to extend our company’s assistance—on a volunteer basis—to help hospitals and labs better cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With expertise in LIS environments of all types and Cerner-driven EHR and Revenue Cycle solutions, we are offering the following services, free-of-charge, to help accommodate the stresses presented by COVID-19 on healthcare IT organizations:

COVID-19 Reporting  (Streamlining & automation)

We can help you automate your LIS and EHR systems to meet the new demands of daily reporting for State and Federal agencies including utilization, real-time testing and tracking.

Volunteer services:

  • COVID-19 report automation for LIS and EHR (upload and test)
  • COVID-19 billing and reimbursement updates for reference laboratories (upload and test)

Telemedicine Implementation and Integration

We can help ambulatory and in-patient practices who are scrambling to accelerate the adoption of telemedicine make sure they meet regulations for privacy and reimbursement.

Volunteer services:

  • Implement telemedicine coding into Cerner Millennium and Cerner RevCycle solutions
  • Consult with IT personnel to assist with telemedicine implementation

Triage and clinical risk assessment

We can help you to move EHR and LIS systems out into the field at remote and temporary locations. We can help clinicians who need to risk-stratify an overwhelming volume of patients—quickly—based on objective clinical factors such as age and co-morbidities.

Volunteer services:

  • Strategic review of elements involved in remote EHR/LIS implementation/optimization
  • Install a new M-page-driven protocol for Pulmonary Deterioration* (Cerner EHRs)
  • Clinical “COVID-19 Dashboard” to help all clinicians stratify urgent care* (Cerner EHRs)
    *These solutions offered in cooperation with our partners at Clinical Healthcare Analytics (CHA)

Revenue Cycle  (COVID-19 coding and billing)

We can help financial teams and administrators keep hospitals and labs financially viable as traditional revenue models are turned on their heads.  We can help plan for the current surge of urgent care—and the post-pandemic surge of deferred patients.

Volunteer services:

  • CPT, ICD10 and SNOMED content updates (upload and test)
  • Update RevCycle systems to meet COVID-19 coding, billing & regulatory requirements
  • Strategic planning to meet pandemic and post-pandemic RevCycle shifts

Remote IT workforce adaptation

With more than 20 years experience in working remotely, our team has many best-practices and systems that we are happy to share to help your HIT team adjust to this new way of working.

Volunteer services:

  • Consulting and optimization for remote management of EHR/LIS/RevCycle solutions
  • Strategic consulting with regard to remotely managing HIT teams

If your healthcare IT organization is in crisis—of any kind—I invite you to reach out to me personally or use the form below.  We are committed to doing all we can to help our colleagues successfully weather these trying times and look forward to emerging as a closer, cooperative profession after this pandemic passes.

Sincerely yours,
Andrew Splitz
[email protected]
President and CEO
S&P Consultants, Inc.

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