Keeping hospitals afloat in crisis mode

Keeping hospitals afloat in crisis mode

All of us at S&P Consultants continue to offer our thoughts and sincere thanks to our clients, colleagues, employees, and friends who are on the frontlines in helping our country navigate this unprecedented crisis. Right now, supporting the clinicians and staff who are providing care is—and should be—everyone’s number-one priority. For revenue cycle managers, that means continuing to process claims cleanly and correctly—even with new coding and volumes—in order to maintain a financial foundation that allows hospitals and networks to stay healthy as vital public resources and major employers.

Ensuring that a hospital will have the financial health to weather this pandemic is an unsung role that we recognize as vital to providing urgently needed care—now, and into the future.

During this pandemic, managers are facing many first-time challenges, including:

  • Staying on top of billing and reimbursement policies that change by the day
  • Moving operations to remote workers—while staying compliant with regulations
  • Implementing changes to IT systems to address COVID-19 associated conditions/policies
  • Maintaining adequate Accounts Receivable to meet evolving service demands
  • Trying to maintain IT systems with reduced workforce, while preparing for a potential post-pandemic surge in postponed procedures and ambulatory care

Many of our clients are challenged with circumstances that push the boundaries of their experience and capacities. The middle of a national emergency can seem a difficult time to plan and strategize—but as professionals charged with maintaining the financial foundation of vitally needed organizations, we must rise to these challenges. But you don’t have to do it alone.


We have a seasoned team of Revenue Cycle veterans whose focus is strictly on monitoring the daily changes from CMS (and other organizations) that effect you. We are up-to-speed on the latest offerings of software vendors like Cerner, who are quickly releasing new solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand the complete HIT ecosystem—from bedside through billing.

If the current healthcare crisis is impacting your cash flow and Revenue Cycle systems—through changes in census, patient volumes, “paused” revenue streams, AR delays, remote employee management, or other stressors—we are available to help you adjust, implement or optimize HIT/RevCycle systems. We can help with strategy, remote consulting, and even supplement your team with consultants who possess hit-the-ground-running skills in plugging into critical billing and revenue systems, maintaining legacy systems, installing new software, and remotely managing projects.

Although few of us have witnessed a crisis on this level in our lifetimes, the S&P team has been on-hand to help healthcare organizations successfully weather significant events and difficult times. We are a battle-tested organization with proven skills in tough situations.

If you can think of any way you could leverage the experience and support of our company,
please feel free to contact me personally. I know that I speak for all of the S&P Consultants team when I share our gratitude for your efforts and extend our offer to help in any way we are able.

Sincerely yours,
Jeanice Foxworthy
Revenue Cycle Practice Director
S&P Consultants, Inc.
[email protected]

About Jeanice Foxworthy

Jeanice has spent the last 20 years deeply involved in revenue cycle in both client-side and vendor positions, including more than a decade at Cerner Corporation in the US and Europe. Jeanice’s career has taken her from frontline clinical positions in dermatology, to management positions at two Kansas City hospitals, and eventually a series of leadership roles focused on healthcare IT and its role in optimizing revenue cycle for hospitals and healthcare systems. She holds an MS degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Saint Mary.


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