A message to our colleagues and friends, as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic together

A message to our colleagues and friends, as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic together

Gratitude… and help for stressed hospitals & labs

A message to our colleagues and friends…

I want to offer our thoughts and sincere thanks to the clients, colleagues, employees, and friends who are on the frontlines in helping our country navigate this unprecedented crisis.  From the discussions I have had with many of you, I remain proud and grateful to work in a profession alongside individuals who regularly put the welfare of their fellow citizens above their personal interests.

As a former Army medic, I understand the nature of an “all hands” emergency.

I also believe it is important to take a long view of what we will be called on to do as healthcare providers, and to carefully learn from one another as we adapt our responses.  For example, clients on both the east and west coasts are already reporting sharply increasing caseloads, while some clients in the middle of the country are seeing virtually none.  This will likely change, however, as the pandemic progresses—especially as a large cohort of students continue the return home from closing colleges and spring break destinations across the country in the coming days.

Many of our clients are being called upon to extend their facilities and on-call personnel in ways that make ordinary workflows untenable—whether it’s establishing additional remote draw stations for viral testing, implementing COVID-19-related modules into their EHR solutions, pulling all available Lab Techs back into frontline positions, or just handling an exponential increase in patient volume.

How can we help?

Like all of us at this time, the S&P Consultants team is charged with asking what we can do to help.  In this spirit, I would like to share the resources we can make available to assist healthcare providers, hospitals, and labs to help relieve at least some of the burden and stress during these extraordinary times.

If the current healthcare crisis is impacting your HIT systems—through increased demand, absenteeism, or reallocation of resources—we are available to help supplement your team with consultants who possess hit-the-ground-running skills in plugging into critical IT systems, maintaining legacy systems, installing new LIS software, and remotely managing projects.

Although few of us have witnessed a crisis on this level in our lifetimes, our team has been on-hand to help healthcare organizations successfully weather significant events and difficult times.  We are a battle-tested organization with proven skills in tough situations. Our people are committed to being available as-needed in order to support burgeoning hospital and laboratory patient volumes for the foreseeable future.

If you can think of any way you could leverage the experience and support of our company, I encourage you to contact me personally.  I know that I speak for my whole team when I share our gratitude for your efforts and extend our offer to help in any way we are able.

Sincerely yours,
Andrew Splitz
[email protected]
Co-founder and CEO
S&P Consultants, Inc.

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