New KLAS results recognize S&P Consultants in the latest 2018 Best in KLAS: Software Services report

BRAINTREE, MA—The latest 2018 Best in KLAS: Software Services report has just been released and S&P Consultants has been ranked in two categories; HIT Implementation Support and Staffing, and Technical Services.  This marks the third consecutive report where S&P has been rated by KLAS, having also been included in both the prestigious “2017 Implementation Services” and “2017 Best in KLAS: Software & Services” reports in 2017.

To generate these reports, KLAS talks to thousands of organizations to gain insight on their implementation experiences with a variety of vendors and how well they live up to expectations.

“In 2017 we were very honored to be included in two KLAS reports, and already in 2018 we’ve been distinguished again—by real-world customers—and vetted by KLAS—one of the industry’s most valued research associations,” said Andy Splitz, Cofounder and CEO of S&P Consultants.

“Once again, I have to attribute our success to a team of customer-focused professionals who are always encouraged and empowered to go the extra mile—with a focus on achieving our clients’ objectives.  We maintain the perspective that HIT systems play an essential role in advancing clinically-driven revenue cycle goals, along with patient satisfaction and top-quality care.  To have our customers and peers recognize our accomplishments and capabilities here is very rewarding and we’re gratified to be delivering measurable value with our InTegritySM approach to ‘binding execution to strategy’ in our Cerner implementations, along with the continued success we are demonstrating on the lab side.”

S&P was rated in the HIT Implementation Support & Staffing category as a firm with 6-9 validated projects within the report. The findings for the category, which focuses on staffing support during implementation projects and staff augmentation for specific roles, noted S&P’s responsive and engaged executive team, along with “a depth of knowledge that allows them to adapt and change according to clients’ needs.”

As part of the report, candid and anonymized feedback from confirmed S&P clients was provided1.   Many of those comments spoke to how S&P’s expertise helped all parties in the implementation achieve their common goal:

“S&P Consultants has been great. They are a good partner. With other firms, we never know what we will get. We have heard about a lot of revenue cycle engagements that didn’t go well. Our engagement was our first real exposure to S&P Consultants, and we have met every milestone. We are on target.”
-CFO, Dec 2017, Project Results

“Vendors aren’t always great at implementing their own systems, but S&P Consultants is. They understand the revenue cycle, and they have had a lot of experience. With other vendors, we don’t always get people with experience.”
– CFO, Dec 2017, People and Knowledge

“The person from S&P Consultants is off-the-charts good. This consultant is the most knowledgeable person about our vendor and our account, barring all of our vendor’s people. Our consultant has helped us solve a ton of problems; this individual has resolved issues that even our vendor’s people didn’t know how to resolve.”
-CIO, Oct 2017, People and Knowledge

“I like S&P Consultants’ flexibility and delivery. Usually we tell them what the overall objective is, and they bring expertise in. We typically don’t have to tell them to do things twice. We are working on upgrade services with S&P Consultants, and they have a lot of expertise in that area. They jump in, they get the details they need, and they get their plan written. We typically don’t even know they are there half the time until they report on our dashboard. They really deliver. We recently had someone question why we use S&P Consultants and what kind of value they bring. We justified why we use them, and later, that same person made sure to fit S&P Consultants into the budget. That person quickly saw the value the vendor brings.”
-VP/Other Executive, Dec 2017, Project Results

S&P Consultants formalized their implementation approach in February 2017, launching their structured InTegrity offering during HIMSS17.  According to Zach Johnson, S&P’s Chief Strategy Officer, “InTegrity is a unique approach to HIT implementations that helps clients ensure their team’s success, deliver the highest-quality result, and maximize their ROI. InTegrity seamlessly layers on top of the vendor’s framework—injecting intelligent “DNA” into critical moments of the process that helps clients bind strategy to execution. Our approach adds a level of granularity and client-specificity to the vendor’s general framework, so that real-world conditions are taken into account. InTegrity accurately reflects the actual situation, resources, leadership, objectives and day-to-day reality in a way that greatly improves the chances for a smooth and successful implementation.”

About S&P Consultants

S&P Consultants enjoys a 20-year reputation for “doing the right thing” in healthcare IT, facilitating realistic interactions among all parties in HIS implementations. Their InTegrity approach provides a solid “genetic roadmap” and adaptive framework to organizations looking to assure the success of complex projects.

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1 –  The above commentary was collected about S&P HIT Implementation Support and Staffing by KLAS Oct-Dec 2017. Visit for a complete view.

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