The Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle: S&P Consultants has put some “old myths” to rest, by introducing InTegritySM to the process of HIT planning and implementation.

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Serious progress on your RevCycle goals amidst uncertainty is possible when you have the right guidance and on-the-ground assistance.

At S&P Consultants, we’re helping clients move forward—even amidst current regulatory ambiguity—to achieve better financial and clinical outcomes today. And to be well-positioned for what promises to be a competitive next era in healthcare.

A dose of InTegritySM can change everything.

One of the most transformative offerings the S&P team provides is our InTegrity‐infused planning and implementation services for Cerner (and other EHR/HIT vendors.) By binding strategy to execution, InTegrity provides a solid “genetic roadmap” and adaptive framework to organizations looking to assure the success of complex HIT projects.

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