S&P Consultants steps up to donate hard-to-find technology to a town’s COVID-19 vaccination program

S&P Consultants steps up to donate hard-to-find  technology to a town’s COVID-19 vaccination program

When Jim Lass, IT Director for S&P Consultants, learned that his hometown Emergency Management Agency was seeking laptops to support their COVID-19 vaccination clinics with little to no budget, he sprang into action.

Because the team members at S&P Consultants are regularly upgraded with state-of-the-art technology, Jim knew that there were often late-model laptops that were “retired” while still relatively new and robustly featured.  He reached out to Sean Thompson, the Director of Lincoln, Rhode Island’s EMA and asked if those laptops would meet the town’s needs, and how many would be needed.

In a matter of days, 15 top-shelf Dell laptops were ready for deployment to Thompson’s EMA staff.

“We are grateful for Jim’s quick thinking, and the community spirit exhibited by both S&P Consultants and Jim, personally. He has spent countless hours preparing the laptops for our use, and donating his own time at our weekly clinics.

Lass was happy to help, with the full support of S&P’s leadership.

“We are always looking for ways to support the communities where our people work and live,” said Andrew Splitz, CEO of S&P Consultants.  “When Jim brought us this request, it was a no-brainer and coordinated with our year-long effort to support frontline healthcare workers in any way we can.”

Earlier in the pandemic, S&P Consultants offered a suite of volunteer services to their customers aimed at helping hospitals and labs better respond to new reporting and tracking requirements around COVID-19 activities.

“We are really grateful for the help,” said Thompson.  “This technology—especially as a donation—will go a long way toward helping us get a lot of people vaccinated in short order.”

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