S&P partners with Summit Healthcare

Recently announced, S&P has partnered with Summit Healthcare to bring the Summit InSync domain compare and synchronization solution to Cerner clients . At the foundation of the solution is Summit InSync, a full featured data extraction, analysis and update platform to manage your Cerner production and non-production domains across your hospital enterprise.  Couple this proven technology with the consulting expertise of S&P and your organization can put the labor intensive and daunting task of data synchronization to rest.

Workflow and task automation bringing down your hospital’s productivity?  Check out the Summit Scripting Toolkit, the leading healthcare scripting automation platform on the market.  We are happy to welcome aboard Wellspan Health, a Cerner client.

Blood Bank Validation on your list of items to tackle?   Blood Bank validation services offered by S&P Consultants, streamlines this process powered by the reliability of the Summit Scripting Toolkit.

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