Cerner CommunityWorks Implementation, Optimization, and Support

Cerner CommunityWorks Implementation, Optimization, and Support

Client Challenges

With the release of CommunityWorks, Cerner strives to make the impressive capabilities of its flagship Cerner Millennium product accessible to smaller organizations with limited resources—using a shared, remote-hosted model.  By design, Cerner CommunityWorks is offered as a complete “off-the-shelf” solution that doesn’t require (or allow) any customization or alteration by its users.

As CommunityWorks is being implemented, many clients are realizing they could benefit from additional—more experienced and objective—IT resources, as they seek to bridge the gap between the Cerner offering and the strategic needs—and daily workflows of their organizations.

The S&P team brings seasoned assistance to CommunityWorks projects in the form of:

  • Program Management and Project Management —Supplement in-house and vendor resources to ensure that your objectives, timelines, and budgets are successfully met using the proven S&P InTegrity implementation framework
  • Governance and Change Management Assistance — Help your leadership and frontline staff (including clinical and revenue-cycle roles) understand the value and implications of adopting an optimized CommunityWorks solution with proven-effective peer-to-peer interactions
  • Design Architecture — Establish clear current-state and future-state assessments, align vendor and client goals and expectations, fill-in any resource gaps to ensure mutual success
  • Testing, Training, and Go-Live Support — Guarantee the best chances of a successful implementation by engaging experienced resources to author scripts and oversee testing processes, to provide at-the-elbow training to clinical, IT, and revenue roles, and to provide go-live planning and staffing that keeps everyone on-track

The S&P Advantage

We have demonstrated experience in bridging the gaps between Cerner offerings, resources and objectives and the real-world demands and capabilities of healthcare organizations.  We bring a “holistic” and comprehensive view of solutions that encompasses IT, clinical, and revenue cycle perspectives, enabling our team to dynamically call on seasoned and proven resources for any challenge.  Combined with a proven implementation strategy—S&P InTegrity™—this has allowed our clients to enjoy extreme confidence in their implementation, optimization, and upgrade engagements.  Our ethical and experienced teams have gained a decades-long reputation for honesty, accountability, and competence.

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