Legacy Support

Every type of help during EHR/LIS transitions

Managing the move from one platform to another—whether it’s an EHR, LIS, or financial solution—is a complex maneuver and can push the limits of any in-house team. Why not tap some expert help to ease the strain? With more than 25 years in the business, our consultants have seen it all, built it all, optimized it all—and made sure there was great documentation to support it all. Whether you’re looking for a single contributor or a full team, you can count on S&P Consultants to supply seasoned and effective resources.

Our platform experience spans the full range of LIS solutions, and we are recognized worldwide for our Cerner expertise. We can also take a holistic view of your legacy solutions and workflows to provide true end-to-end counsel in the form of your people (training/staffing) your processes and your technology.

  • Staff augmentation and specialist consulting for all legacy EHR, LIS, and revenue systems
  • “Neutral-party” resource between organizations and their legacy vendors
  • Support for legacy systems, if your team is pulled for Implementation or consolidation
  • Documentation support
  • Training and support for IT, clinicians and revenue cycle staff
  • Best-practice recommendations, optimizations, and upgrades
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