Optimizing Perioperative Spaces

Client Challenges

With so much focus on the OR, Perioperative Spaces can sometimes be de-prioritized (or overlooked entirely) when it comes to both workflow improvements and revenue capture.

Advances in technology over the past several years have streamlined processes for time-pressed nurses and clinicians, as well as created new ways to automate documentation and charge capture for optimal quality, efficiency, and revenue cycle management. Outdated systems, forms, and protocols that haven’t yet implemented these advances can serve as additional roadblocks to better performance.

If you’re growing concerned about slow patient turnover, tight staffing, outdated workflows, supply-chain management, and uncaptured revenue, it may be time to get some expert help.

Representative Services

  • Review of perioperative spaces for workflow and revenue optimization
  • Audit of SurgiNet preferences and practices
  • Review and training for clinicians to optimize workflows and technology
  • Audit of charge-capture systems and practices for optimized revenue cycle management
  • Automation of processes including documentation 
  • Creation of real-time inventory/supply-chain management (supplier interfaces)
  • Maintenance and upgrades to legacy systems

The S&P Advantage

We have helped hospitals across North America (and beyond) optimize their perioperative spaces to help them run more efficiently. We have helped organizations recapture millions in surgical charges that had been held up due to gaps in their documentation, coding, and charge practices. Our integrated teams include clinicians who have worked in perioperative spaces, revcycle experts, and some of the most seasoned Oracle Cerner IT professionals in the business. This comprehensive perspective allows us to quickly identify and implement solutions that offer an immediate and ongoing impact for both staff efficiency and revenue cycle management.

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