Prepare – Resource Planning for Successful HIS

Ready… Steady…

Halfway through an implementation or migration is not when you want to discover you have underestimated the resources you need to succeed. And yet, many of our clients have been introduced to us at precisely this juncture.

A major integrated managed care consortium based in California came to us after the first of a planned 22-hospital roll-out experienced some unexpected delays. The client was worried that if their first implementation failed, other constituent organizations would opt out of the planned improvements, significantly hampering their efforts to improve patient care and revenue capture.

Our consultants recognized right away that the vendor resources managing the project had not properly scoped necessary resources and timelines.

Nine years later, our track record and experience has only deepened as we continually hone our processes—like our InTegrity™ framework—designed to capture, at a granular level, the resource planning for a successful HIT implementation.

Our resource-planning activities include:

Clinically-Driven Revenue Cycle

  • Readiness assessments
  • Strategic budgeting, scheduling, and planning


  • Vendor selection, evaluation, and negotiations
  • Resource allocation
  • Communications planning

Adoption Strategies

  • Collaboration between IT, administration, and clinicians
  • At-the-elbow and group training for clinicians

Future readiness

  • Current-state vs. Future-state assessments
  • Cost/Benefit analysis of various vendor solutions
  • Customization and optimization for growth
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