Stephanie Sutton

Director of Strategic Operations

Stephanie knows complex HIT implementations "from the inside out." Her years on the client side ensure that S&P's engagements are always guided by both strategic—and practical—considerations.

Stephanie Sutton

Ensuring that the proven methodologies developed by S&P Consultants are leveraged for each client project, is the perfect application for Stephanie’s background in HIT project management. Her long hospital experience allows her to have a well-rounded perspective in coordinating the people, process, and technology aspects of any given engagement. She leads our teams with both discipline and compassion. At the heart of her dedication to healthcare is a commitment to making the patient experience a priority—while optimizing each client’s time and technology investments.

Stephanie worked for Heartland Health/Mosaic Life Care for more than 13 years in a variety of strategic roles before becoming a full-time consultant. She joined S&P Consultants in 2019.

Stephanie has an MBA from Park University and holds certifications from Cerner/UMKC (Cerner Certified Health Care Leader) and the Project Management Institute (PMP).

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