What Our Clients are Saying

Guy McAllister

Vice President & Chief Information Officer Tift Regional Health System

“First and foremost, S&P has the client's success at the core of their business model. They have been responsive and reliable in providing our staff augmentation needs. S&P brings a wealth of experience and perspective to our Cerner project.”

Randy Davis

Vice President & Chief Information Officer CGH Medical Center

“I’ve been in this field for 37 years. I’ve heard all the horror stories with consultants, and yet understand with the right partner (an overused term), a hospital can in fact greatly benefit from their expertise. While we didn’t have a pressing need, I knew some time ago we were headed towards a time we would be in clear need of help from a consulting firm as our internal resources either were spread too thin or did not exist. That was over two years ago.  I spent time at every large meeting I attended looking and saw in those multiple consulting firms I spoke to every stereotype in the industry fulfilled…. until I sat with S&P. Skeptical at first, you bet. I can tell you they are an honorable and technically capable consulting firm. I have seen their senior leaders speak candidly and without fear. If you’re looking to be told what you want to hear when facts demand a different comment, look elsewhere. If you want truthfulness about what it takes to end with a successful project, they’re your team....All I can do is tell you to check them out. If you’re like me, the more questions you ask, the more calls you make to existing clients, the more you begin to see what a consulting relationship (key word relationship and not engagement) should really look like.”

Robert Stallone

Vice President, Laboratories NSLIJ

“S&P is a most valuable tool in the Northwell business. They're not just consultants. They're part of my team.”

Brenda Boazman RNC, BSN

Director, System Applications Management Tift Regional Medical Center

“S&P offers the most knowledgeable and hardworking employees, hands down.  It is a true partnership where they care about your outcome and are willing to go the extra mile.”

Ben Schaab 

Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of Fiscal Services CGH Medical Center

“S&P has been a vital and trusted resource for CGH Medical Center.  In partnership with S&P we have taken a different approach to our revenue cycle implementation that culminated from their experiences with Cerner and lessons learned from similar projects.  This innovation is what attracted us to S&P and honestly the investment has paid off.  They have not only delivered on their promises within our contract, but they have gone above and beyond to point out areas for improvement that were unrelated to the projects scope but without trying to sell us something else to go tackle them.  They are unafraid to deliver the critical feedback that we needed to hear and have worked with us to develop solutions.  Instead of becoming more dependent on consultants for future services, their approach allows us to take ownership of our systems.  This added value has brought a sense of transparency to our relationship that is definitely not common place in the industry.”

Kenny Koerner MBA, CRCE

Director of Revenue Cycle CGH Medical Center

“Partnering with S&P for the contract negotiation and pre-implementation preparedness for our revenue cycle system conversion put my organization in a position to be successful from day 1.  I truly believe the resources we invested in both of these items prior to the official kick off of our project saved our institution in both of these areas many times over.  Add to this the experience, insight and complete transparency that S&P brings to the partnership, and I feel that my organization is now in a position to take our system conversion live on time and within budget.”

Sherry Ellis BSN, RN

Director, Clinical Informatics Tift Regional Health System

“S&P is the best money we have ever spent…meant it then and even more so now. S&P has been invaluable to us!”

John Barr

Consulting Technology Architect Memorial Hermann

“We have great experience in-house. But we also know that everybody’s stretched maintaining current production demands. So bringing in outsiders who you can trust to work in your environments while you’re supporting production and helping you implement to hit a timeline, that’s invaluable.”

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