Strategic Planning

Client Challenges

Today’s brightest healthcare organizations understand that their information and technology systems are an indispensable part of achieving the goals of the boardroom—everything from controlling costs and improving clinical outcomes to raising patient satisfaction and uncovering organizational inefficiencies.

Navigating the territory between strategic objectives and HIT realities is a job at which S&P Consultants have proven themselves time and again. We deliver both the insight and the skills required to ensure a smart and workable strategy, a value-driven procurement process, and no-surprises implementations, powered by our InTegrity™ framework.

Representative Services

Clinically-Driven Revenue Cycle

  • Readiness assessments
  • Strategic budgeting, scheduling, and planning


  • Vendor selection, evaluation, and negotiations
  • Resource allocation
  • Communications planning

Adoption Strategies

  • Collaboration between IT, administration, and clinicians
  • At-the-elbow and group training for clinicians

Future readiness

  • Current-state vs. Future-state assessments
  • Cost/Benefit analysis of various vendor solutions
  • Customization and optimization for growth

The S&P Advantage

We bring IT organizations, clinicians, and C-suite leaders together to help them do more—with speed and confidence—as they move into the future. As an objective and experienced force, our consultants provide both knowledge and insight into what it really takes to achieve your organizational goals. Our clients commend us for our thorough and candid guidance that allows them to make critical decisions on a fact-driven basis as demonstrated by peer organizations that have benefitted from S&P’s assistance.

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