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Brennan Lehman

CIO Mosaic Life Care

“Without S&P’s expertise we wouldn’t have gotten through it. I was recently networking with a few of my peers. They’re going through some acquisitions of their own and were floored that we were able to get across the line—in 97 days—with 130 disparate systems plus a core EMR. [We] couldn’t have done it alone. Thank God for S&P.”

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Aldwin Lindsay

EVP/CFO Children’s National Hospital

“S&P's assessment to our senior leadership was frank and directed. They helped us see where our IT and finance teams were getting in each other's way—and how we could better reconcile our objectives. They never took sides, but just explained where they thought our project stood in a balanced manner that drove us to some valuable insights…S&P was able to get our leadership engaged, which made a real difference in the ultimate success of the project.  They were able to provide unbiased feedback, based on their experiences with other clients.  Their advice was always blunt and direct, and I think our C-suite really appreciated that.  It enabled them to make clearer decisions.”

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Sherry Ellis BSN, RN

Director, Clinical Informatics Tift Regional Health System

“S&P is the best money we have ever spent…meant it then and even more so now. S&P has been invaluable to us!”

Jeff Rhoades

Manager of Outcomes and Performance Improvement Oaklawn Hospital

“One great thing about S&P Consultants is that they come with so much knowledge and experience. They were able to train our people all along the way, so that everyone was comfortable with the new systems and really understood the value of making these changes. I was impressed by the way they engaged with our frontline people. They came in months before the project was scheduled to begin and they actually rounded with our clinicians. By the time the project officially kicked off, they really understood our organization’s unique workflows. I think there was a lot of benefit for staff here to speak with IT people who also have a clinical background.”

Robert Stallone

Vice President, Laboratories NSLIJ (Former client)

“S&P is a most valuable tool in the Northwell business. They're not just consultants. They're part of my team.”

Cherie Smith

VP Revenue Cycle Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

“Our clinical staff couldn't really know the impact CommunityWorks would have on their workflows—and the financial people needed to update their workflows to feed into [a modern revenue cycle management solution.] It's important to look at the way you'll need to change your culture, not just your IT systems. You have to get folks to buy-in.   And that's where S&P Consultants had a really positive impact.  [Our S&P RevCycle consultant] was amazing.  She knew a lot of billing edits that we were able to leverage to help our people get the most out of the new system.  Everybody here, said without [our S&P resource] we would have had a big problem.”

Dan Hildebrand

Director of Information Systems Memorial Hospital

“We're running 80 miles an hour some weeks, especially during these milestones. And with Cerner testing in general, it's not two or three days. It's a lot of times it's a five-day buildup with the six weeks planning session to get to that. And when we're planning that, that's where the biggest value of S&P has come into play with us. [We'd be asking] "What's working? How do we plan this? How do we do this type of setup?" And they're able to say, 'Here's what we've done with other clients...' So they'd been able to guide us through this particular timeline, like a train-the-trainer type of thing.  [Even with] other departments that have had some confusion, [S&P] just jumped right in and said, 'Okay, let me help you out.”

Mary Daymont

VP Revenue Cycle and Care Management Children’s National Hospital

“Our CEO and Board have been incredibly pleased with the ability to clearly see metrics at the macro level—and we have reported some great KPIs since implementing the Cerner rev cycle solution.  Against Cerner's GL mapping benchmark of 85%, we achieved better than 94%.  And for the accuracy of charges posted in the first month, we exceeded their 80% benchmark and hit rates of 94%.  Our DNFP metrics are improving steadily, and already exceed benchmarks by far. So many doors have been opened to us now in terms of revenue cycle management.  Moving from an over-reliance on paper, to a 21st-century system with optimization options to use natural language processes and AI technology for tasks like docu-coding is very exciting.”

Randy Davis

Vice President & Chief Information Officer CGH Medical Center

“I’ve been in this field for 37 years. I’ve heard all the horror stories with consultants, and yet understand with the right partner (an overused term), a hospital can in fact greatly benefit from their expertise. While we didn’t have a pressing need, I knew some time ago we were headed towards a time we would be in clear need of help from a consulting firm as our internal resources either were spread too thin or did not exist. That was over two years ago.  I spent time at every large meeting I attended looking and saw in those multiple consulting firms I spoke to every stereotype in the industry fulfilled…. until I sat with S&P. Skeptical at first, you bet. I can tell you they are an honorable and technically capable consulting firm. I have seen their senior leaders speak candidly and without fear. If you’re looking to be told what you want to hear when facts demand a different comment, look elsewhere. If you want truthfulness about what it takes to end with a successful project, they’re your team....All I can do is tell you to check them out. If you’re like me, the more questions you ask, the more calls you make to existing clients, the more you begin to see what a consulting relationship (key word relationship and not engagement) should really look like.”

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