Whitepaper: Move to Dynamic Documentation™ without clinician rebellion.

February 28, 2018

Gaining physician efficiency and adoption, requires an implementation strategy that minimizes set-backs and builds confidence. Dr. Michael Augustyniak is the Chief Medical Information Officer at S&P Consultants, a recognized leader in providing implementation services and strategic assistance for Cerner solutions. In our latest whitepaper, Dr. Mike provides insight into how to best navigate Cerner’s move […] More

The Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle: S&P Consultants has put some “old myths” to rest, by introducing InTegritySM to the process of HIT planning and implementation.

August 4, 2017

Serious progress on your RevCycle goals amidst uncertainty is possible when you have the right guidance and on-the-ground assistance. At S&P Consultants, we’re helping clients move forward—even amidst current regulatory ambiguity—to achieve better financial and clinical outcomes today. And to be well-positioned for what promises to be a competitive next era in healthcare. A dose […] More

Industry Insights: How healthcare IT is busting old myths to help you achieve the “impossible trifecta.”

April 13, 2017

It’s time to discard old thinking about what’s possible when clinical, administrative, and HIT systems are able to truly collaborate.  In fact, some progressive IT organizations are playing a leadership role in achieving real progress toward the “impossible trifecta”—delivering better clinical outcomes, while lowering overall costs, and improving patient satisfaction. Download this brief overview to […] More

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