Vendor Research and Selection

Client Challenges

Some of the more “high stakes” decisions a healthcare organization will make these days involve the selection of an HIT platform, point-solution (e.g. EHR or LIS) or long-term technology partner.

  • Will a vendor’s technology fit the task-at-hand, and can it grow with you?
  • What’s their reputation for service and support?
  • Is there a better value-driven solution that can meet your specifications?

A wrong move here can set an organization up for years of regret. Furthermore, unwary organizations have lost tens of millions of dollars as a result of selecting the wrong vendor partner.

We help our clients:

  • Increase the chances for a successful (on-time/on-budget) project
  • Lower acquisition and implementation costs
  • Garner organizational support around decision-making
  • Neutralize “vendor bias” during the selection process
  • Set the stage for change through internal marketing and communication
  • Develop migration plans from legacy systems to new vendor systems

Representative Services

  • Organizational needs assessments
  • Objective vendor and solution evaluations
  • Cost/Benefit analyses of HIT investments
  • Installed-based “tours” of peer facilities
  • RFP development for HIT vendors
  • Vendor contract negotiations

The S&P Advantage

S&P’s 100%-objective vendor research and selection methodology gives you the information, tools and processes you need to choose the vendor that can take you where you need to go—with maximum confidence and best value.

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